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Product & Solution

Cloudexis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides software development services from the beginning, performing full-cycle application development. In their work, Cloudexis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. combines the use of modern technologies and programming tools with well worked-through methods and solutions tested in practice. Cloudexis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is capable to provide complete integrated web based ERP solution for any one vertical which is mentioned below

Global Infra V1.0

Global Infra help us to manage all aspect of real estate and land developer to manage their business.

Complete solution to manage all real estate project and entities under single application with instant update or report on the bookings which will have accurate information on the plot bookings.

Our application is very flexible and allow user to book property as per availability. Online booking application is supported by strong content management system where you can manage all sales related documents along with the booking history, balance payment, loan detail & sales executive commission.

Easiest, Smart & Secure way to manage & control ascept of real estate

Layout & Project
Plot & Flat Booking
Online Plot & Flat Status
Executive & Customer Mang.
Billing Management
Executive Commision
Detail Analasis

Inventory & Store

The inventory system must therefore get linked to the purchase module which will create a logical workflow to add product details into the inventory module that provides all extended details of the product.

Customer History
Product Management
Internal Stock Transfer
Multiple Report


The payroll system keeps accurate employee data stored in an easily accessible database. The system has the ability to update and maintain employee information and to generate required outputs including paychecks, reports to management and reports to the government.

Each week, data on the current pay period is entered into the system and verified. This data is used to update the employee master file with appropriate additions, changes and deletions and to generate required output.

Employee Master
Salary Calculation
Leave Management
Loan & Advances
Arrears & Overpay
Payrate Processing
Division & Department Management


Integrated IT solution for Health Care Institution. Specialized capsule courses to familiarize medical and para medical staff. Online linking facility to health insurance facility provider. Simple to learn and operate by non computer background user.

Reception Management
OPD & IPD Management
Ward Management
OT Management
Billing Management
Store & Inventory Management
Pharmacy Management


comprehensive ERP Package to run & manage all aspects of your School, College and University.

Entire organisation processes viz Pre enrollment, entrance test, registration, examination to alumni stages are handled This software allows you to manage all the processes of your School, College and University. It equips you to meet the 5 challenges viz. Student , People, Knowledge , Service and Management Challenges


Saloon Management is a complete Saloon management solution that gives you power and control over every aspect of your business point of sale, inventory, customers, purchasing, sales & service history and more.

Saloon Management includes powerful features and flexible options so you can run your business your way. The immense depth of Saloon Management Solution coupled with its use of fashion logic makes it an ideal choice for any specialist retail business, regardless of size. Whether you are a single shop owner/operator or represent a large retail organization with nationwide branches, Saloon Management Solution can provide the answer to your problems.